FAQ - Nerds Genetics
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Nerds Genetics | Colorado | Seeds | Strains


Where can I get Nerds Genetics?

See our Retailers page.

What happens if I have an issue with my seeds?

Nerds Genetics Does NOT discuss any Germination issues! PLEASE be advised! Germination of Cannabis seed is an illegal act in most countries. We are sorry but any question or email concerning the germination of seeds will not be replied to. Nerds Genetics will not respond to any issues of any product received from a non authorized dealer. Please email nerdsgenetics@gmail.com.

Can I purchase seeds directly from Nerds Genetics?

Nope, Sorry! You CAN NOT purchase Seeds directly from this site or from Nerds Genetics.

Does Nerds Genetics ship seeds?

Nerds Genetics does NOT SELL or SHIP seeds! PLEASE DO NOT ASK.

Does Nerds Genetics do Grow Consultations.

Yes, Nerds Genetics will do Grow Consultations. Please see our Consultations page, and email us about schedule and pricing at: nerdsgenetics@gmail.com.

Do Nerds Genetics have feminized seeds?

We DO NOT make feminized seeds. We personally believe the feminization causes weakening of the genetic pool. We absolutely understand that there is a place and demand for feminized genetics, but at the moment we feel like we are unable to properly feminize one of our genetic lines and do not wish to release an inferior product.

Does Nerds Genetics sell clones or immature plants?

Absolutely not.

What is the best way to store my seeds?

For long term storage, they should be sealed in a glass jar and placed in the refrigerator. For short term storage a cool dark place will work just fine.

How do I tell if a cannabis plant is Male or Female?

Here we have a picture of a male plant’s flowers and a picture of a male plant next to a female plant.          

Nerds Genetics | Colorado | Seeds | Strains