Meet The Nerds Strains - Nerds Genetics
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Meet The Nerds Strains


Dad: Sour Pez
[Sour Diesel x Pez]
(Laplatta Labs)

After going through dozens of sour strains we selected the one which most represented the ultra sour characteristics we wanted to pass onto future generations. This stud was something else, each of the crosses made from this parent sport medium to high yielding, highly frosted flowers each with its own incredibly unique terpene profile. It also contributed heavy side branching and supreme bag appeal.

This project was a one time go – and each of these crosses in their F1 form will be incredibly rare. We respect the hard work put in by LaPlatta Labs, and have nothing but the highest regards for them and their genetics, so we have killed the original male and will not be using the Sour Pez genetic in future projects.

The progeny from this project will however be used in future hybrids, and new hybrids and F2’s of the Sweet Jones are already in the works.